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H.A. King manufactures vibration isolators, shock mounts and a wide variety of anti-vibration products. H.A. King serves clients around the globe, solving a wide-variety of shock and vibration control problems. All products are American-made by engineers utilizing dynamic testing as well as the company’s 50 years experience. H.A. King supplies solutions for a diverse variety of industries including power generation, on- and off-highway vehicles, military equipment, agriculture equipment, industrial equipment, medical equipment, and HVAC equipment. As vibration control specialists, H.A. King is a proven leader in the vibration isolator and shock mount industry.

Metal Fabricating: we also utilize out-sourcing for the necessary metal stamping used in our products. Again, this allows us to review and purchase the most competitive unit from a price and quality stand point that is available in the industry. H.A. King Company then processes and assembles these parts into quality isolators, engine mounts and other specialized rubber parts.

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When you have any problems that are related to vibration, shock or noise control, H.A. King has the capability to provide you with high quality rubber to metal isolators, engine mounts and/or specialized rubber parts.

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