ISO 9001:2015 Certified

2000 series isolators

  • H.A. King’s 2000 Series Isolators: a highly customizable line of center bolted mounts

  • Advanced, resilient one-piece design assures proper installation of the mount and improved fatigue life

  • Available in both standard natural rubber and neoprene

Are you sick and tired of searching for a solution to your vibration control, shock control or noise control problems? Tired of trying to dampen the noise generated by your industrial application? Can’t stand electric shock rendering your machinery inoperable? Well, you can stop your search for a vibration control solution right now.

H.A. King manufactures our 2000 series of Center-Bolted Mounts in order to isolate vibration, attenuate shock inputs, and prevent the transmission of structure-borne noise. Center-Bolted Mounts have a rugged, custom one-piece design composed of high quality metal bonded with your choice of natural or neoprene rubber elastomers.

This allows our 2000 Series of Center Bolted Mounts to effectively isolate vibrational disturbances, while also attenuating shock inputs to stop them from harming your sensitive equipment. The 2000 Series is dynamically effective in all directions, allowing it to prevent the transmission of structure-borne noise and soothe your throbbing eardrums with the sweet sound of silence.

Our 2000 Series Isolators, and all our vibration isolation equipment, is certified by the International Standard of Organization to have a long service life, require little maintenance, and have a low-cost, simple installation. H.A. King makes center bolted mounts with axial spring rates up to 26,700 pounds per inch. Our 2000 series of center bolted mounts includes 52 mounts, each with different capabilities as far as maximum load and axial spring rate. That way, center bolted mounts can be a solution to many types of equipment in a range of operating conditions, performing a variety of jobs or processes.

H.A. King’s 2000 Series Isolators are an ideal vibration control solution for:

  • Engines

  • Transmissions

  • Cabs

  • Radiators

  • Compressors

  • Pumps

  • Fuel Tanks

  • Generators

  • Accessory Equipment

  • Industrial Machinery

Call 248-599-2105 to get in touch with one of H.A. King’s vibration control experts. Our knowledgeable, friendly vibration control experts are more than happy to help you find the vibration control, shock control, or noise control solution that will work for you, your company or organization, and protect your industrial machinery from damage as it operates. They’ll help you build a custom solution from our many vibration control products and customization options. The solution you seek has arrived! Call today!