ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • H.A. King’s 3020 Series of Plate Mounts: a line of custom anti-vibrational equipment to protect your industrial application from damaging inputs
  • Plate mounts are versatile and customizable with durometer range of 30-70
  • Custom metal to rubber bonded 3020 Series Isolators extends the useful service life of your machinery while improving the quality of work it does

Sigh. Your industrial application is on the fritz again. You pick up the phone to call the repairman, wincing as you imagine the large monetary amount on the invoice he hands you for his services. “If only there was a way to protect my sensitive equipment from damaging shock and vibrational inputs, improving the quality of the job it does while extending its useful service life,” you think to yourself as you raise the phone to your ear.

What a coincidence! H.A. King has been providing custom engineered vibration control solutions for sensitive equipment and industrial application for over 50 years. We seek to help you succeed – and step one is ensuring that your industrial application or sensitive equipment is protected.

Really! All of our anti-vibration equipment is certified to be low-cost, effective, and durable by the International Standard of Organization. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification stands as a testament to the quality of our equipment and truth of the claims we make.

Our 3020 Series of Isolators of Center Bolted Mounts work just as promised. Plate Mounts are a highly effective, rugged vibration control bumper that is composed of only the most premium quality components. We solicit only companies using the most up to date, current methods of metal fabrication and rubber compounding processes, to ensure all our materials are the best on the market.

Plate Mounts, or 3020 Series Isolators, are able to provide multi-directional isolation from low frequency disturbances and control for occasional shock input. These Compression Mounts will act as a suit of armor, protecting your machinery from damaging inputs like shock and vibration. Since they soothe the intense vibrational disturbances your machinery may experience, you’ll notice the accuracy of your machinery will improve. It will perform the job it is tasked with more efficiently and precisely. Plate Mounts will isolate against low frequency vibration inputs, control for electric shock, and even damp the awful racket your industrial application or sensitive equipment generates to soothe the weary eardrums of those working near it. Our 3020 Series Isolators prevent the transmission of structure borne noise, which we’re sure your employees will be eternally grateful to (not) hear.

Plate Mounts have durometers from 30-70 available. The different durometers allow Center Bolted Mounts to be a solution to several types of machinery carrying different loads and doing different types of work. Don’t know what a durometer is? Don’t fret- our H.A. King Vibration Control Expert does, and they can help you select the appropriate options to make our 3020 Series of Plate Mounts feel like a custom solution for your machinery.

In fact, our H.A. King Vibration Control Expert can’t wait to help you locate the 3020 Series Isolator, Plate Mount or other isolator from out massive catalog of anti-vibrational equipment that will best suit your machinery. Just call (248) 599-2105 or detail your industrial application, the load it carries, and your workplace in the form located on the Contact Us page. An H.A. King Vibration Control Expert will use that information to recommend the Compression Mount or other vibration control solution to protect your machinery, improve the quality of work it does, and extend its useful service life. Call now- you’ll be so glad you did!