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Cylindrical Mounts

The cylindrical mounts from H.A. King provide effective vibration and noise damping over a wide range of frequencies. H.A. King cylindrical mounts meet the most demanding requirements for vibration isolation and noise control while managing motion

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Plate Mounts Eliminate Your Workplace Woes

Plate Mounts Eliminate Your Workplace Woes •    Plate mounts are highly customizable and can accommodate virtually any type of industrial application, no matter the size or shape •    Standard and non-standard stud lengths available •    H.A. King has been creating...

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H.A. King – Your Shear Mounts Provider

Custom metal to rubber bonding Variety of sizes, shapes and load carrying capacities ISO 9001:2008 certified for product quality  You’re hearing a constant ringing in your ears. Are you being abducted by aliens? Hearing things, making up noises where there are none?...

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Engine Mounts Extend The Life Of Your Industrial Application

Eliminate stress and excessive wear on rubber surfaces through use of metal plates on all contact surfaces H.A. King’s Engine Mounts are assembled in the U.S.A. H.A. King ships across the country for your convenience H.A. King creates custom metal to rubber bonded...

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Engine Mounts Cost

8000 Series Isolators Engine Mounts If you're wondering how much engine mounts cost, call H.A. King today. You can speak directly with an expert that will help you find exactly what you need at a great price. Our shipping is always fast and we can get you the products...

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Single-End Male Sandwich Mounts

H.A. King is the go to place when you are in need of Single-End Male Sandwich Mounts that provide the best vibration control for your products. We are a professional supplier across the United States for vibration control products for commercial and industrial customers. With our vibration control products we are able to accommodate commercial machinery, aerospace and defense products, industrial equipment, automotive machinery and much more.

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Conical Vibration Mounts

Get the Conical Vibration Mounts You Need Fast Shop the Online Catalog Now Call H.A. King Now to Order 7000 Series Shear Mounts Fast Shipping Guaranteed H.A. King offers an extensive inventory of conical vibration mounts in wide range of styles and sizes. These...

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Rubber Mounts for Farm Equipment

Industrial Applications for Vibration Control Mounts Farm equipment manufacturers looking for vibration control solutions look no further! H.A. King is the top name in rubber mounts and other vibration control products. We serve some of the top manufacturers in the...

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Bonded Bushing and Snubbers

H.A. King's 5000 Series Bonded Bushing and Snubbers are designed to absorb extreme static and dynamic forces. This system also absorbs forces in the rebound mode to protect your machinery and equipment. These mounts are designed for engines, cabs and auxiliary...

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Vibration Mounts

H.A. King has a large breadth of experience developing vibration control product solutions that manage motion and minimize the noise, vibration and shock associated with heavy machinery and engine operation. The professionals at H.A. King can design a vibration control solution that specially fits your needs

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Shear Mounts Save Your Machinery From Damaging Electric Shock

H.A. King produces nine different lines of vibration control equipment, including 7000 series of Shear Mounts H.A. King’s 7000 Series of Shear Mounts are able to absorb high levels of G’s Shear Mounts are highly customizable and available in different sizes High...

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Rubber Compounding and Metal Fabricating Services

50 Years of Professional Service State-of-the-Art Rubber to Metal Bonding Processes High Quality Solutions for Vibration, Shock and Noise Control Large Selection of Vibration Control Products H.A. King specializes in Rubber Compounding and Metal Fabricating Services...

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Bonded Bushing & Snubber Series Ensures Performance

H.A. King is ISO 9001: 2008 certified by the International Standard of Organization Bonded Bushing & Snubber products are made in the U.S.A H.A. King has manufactured vibration control solutions for over 50 years  H.A. King has been leading the vibration control...

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State-Of-The-Art Vibration Isolators For You!

Do you have industrial appliances, machines, technology, or engines that work fine but are too loud? Maybe your farming machinery is scaring all the animals away! No matter what type or size your equipment is, the vibration control experts at H. A. King can design and...

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Rubber Mounts for Furniture Manufacturers

Commerical and Industrial Furniture Applications H.A. King Rubber Mounts are a great fit for home and office furniture manufacturing. Many customers take advantage of the custom vibration control solutions we offer in products like office chairs, stools, and more. Our...

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Shear Mounts for Industrial Applications

Save Your Industrial Application With Shear Mounts Accommodate many different sizes, shapes & load carrying capacities Protect your industrial application from everyday wear & tear Cost-effective protection for many types of equipment H.A. King has led the...

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