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Plate Mount Isolators

Our H.A. King Plate Mounts are designed for light to medium loads, ranging from 1 to 90lbs. We provide professional vibration control solutions for customers across the United States. H.A. King Plate Mounts are developed to minimize vibration in industrial, automotive and commercial industries.

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Series 7050 Shear Mounts

Versatile Economical Reusable Large Capacity for Energy Control One-Piece Bonded Design Wide variety of size and load capacity The 7050 Shear Mounts from the 7000 Series provide the safe shipping and damage-free delivery you need.  H.A. King is here to offer you the...

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H.A. King Cylindrical Mounts Create Harmony In The Workplace

H.A. King’s 1000 Series Vibration Control Isolators includes versatile Cylindrical Mounts Cylindrical Mounts are a rugged, cost effective vibration and shock control solution for your industrial application. H.A. King is certified by International Standard of...

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H.A. King’s Engine Mounts Help Your Machinery Run Smoothly

H.A. King—A Leader in Custom Vibration Control Solutions ISO 9001:2008 Certified for Product Quality & Exceptional Customer Service Completely Customizable Products Fit Virtually Any Application For over 50 years, H.A. King has been manufacturing a wide variety of...

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Sandwich Mounts

H.A. King Sandwich Mounts are ideal for protecting equipment and machinery against damaging vibration. H.A. King Sandwich Mounts can be used for vibration protection on a wide variety of products.

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Bonded Bushing and Snubber Mounts

The H.A. King Company is the United States leader in rubber bonded metal products and vibration control technologies. Our vibration control products are developed to minimize vibration, shock and noise issues for industrial, commercial and automotive industries. We have been providing design, consulting and manufacturing services for rubber bonded and metal products for over 50 years. Contact us today for your rubber bonded metal products and vibration control needs.

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Mounts and Vibration Control Products

Get the mounts and vibration control products you need from H.A. King. Our high-quality products reduce the level of noise and vibration frequency caused by everyday machinery. Cylindrical vibration isolators are compression-mounted to reduce vibration and shock onto...

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Shear Mounts in all Shapes, Sizes& Load Carrying Capacities

• H.A. King carries full 7000 line of shear mounts • Custom metal to rubber bonding • Optional wide temperature range • Many sizes and load carrying capacities available H.A. King stocks an array of products for your industrial application to meet any vibration...

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Effective Anti-Vibration Mounts For Your Industry!

Find Anti-Vibration Mounts For Industrial Applications Rubber-To-Metal Bonded Products For Commercial Noise Reduction Anti-Vibration Mounts And Shock Mounts H.A. King – The Anti-Vibration Industry Authority! The key to commercial and industrial success is efficient...

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Center-Bolted Mounts Take Care Of Your Company’s Application

Center-Bolted Mounts: rugged and resilient to protect your industrial application from high and low frequency disturbances Simple yet effective design of Center Bolted Mounts features a resilient elastomer bonded to inner steel member Center-Bolted Mounts can handle...

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Cylindrical Engine Mounts

Cylindrical Mount Bobbins Shop the Online Catalog Now Call H.A. King Now to Order Cylindrical Mounts Bobbins Fast Shipping Guaranteed H.A. King has the cylindrical engine mounts you need at a great price.  All cylindrical engine mounts are made with the finest quality...

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State Of The Art Vibration Damping Mounts by H.A. King

State of the art metal to rubber bonded equipment H.A. King is ISO 9001:2008 certified for quality products Over 50 years experience in manufacturing vibration, shock & noise control solutions Do your ears ring for hours after you get home from work? Is workplace...

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Murphy’s Law, H.A. King, and Your Construction Equipment

When you're working on a job site  there's nothing worse than having to watch the minutes tick by while you wait for some complication to be resolved. It happens. You can try to avoid it as much as you can, but at some point  Murphy's Law will take effect and when...

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