ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • H.A. King is ISO 9001: 2008 certified by the International Standard of Organization
  • Bonded Bushing & Snubber products are made in the U.S.A
  • H.A. King has manufactured vibration control solutions for over 50 years

 H.A. King has been leading the vibration control industry by manufacturing custom vibration control, shock control and noise control solutions for over 50 years. We manufacture metal to rubber bonded bumpers and engine mounts, all made in the USA, and all guaranteed to be durable, efficient, and of the highest product quality, which ensures a long product life.

H.A. King manufactures a Bonded Bushing & Snubber series of metal to rubber bonded engine mounts. Our Bonded Bushing & Snubber isolators will isolate vibrations, control shock and reduce noise due to structure-borne vibrations. The sturdy one-piece design ensures you won’t have to replace or repair it often. Inside, a resilient elastomer is bonded to a tubular steel inner member. These sturdy engine mounts come in both natural and neoprene rubber.

Bonded Bushing & Snubber Mounts are easy to install, low-cost to install, effective, durable, isolate vibration, and attenuate shock inputs, all while preventing transmission of noise from the machine running. You’ll be able to cut on costs by eliminating the need for costly repair bills all while improving your product quality and eliminating the need to scrap products due to imperfections resulting from structure-borne vibration.

Bonded Bushing & Snubber Mounts have a maximum load capacity of 16-40, and an axial spring rating that ranges from 100-500. We manufacture this product in many sizes to ensure that it has a wide range of application across many different industries. H.A. King has provided solutions to:

  • Engineering Industries
  • Machine tooling Industries
  • Agricultural Industries
  • Medical Industries
  • Aerospace Industries
  • Defense Industries
  • Farming Industries
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Commercial Industries
  • And many more!

And, as a further testament to the quality of both our products and customer service, H.A King is ISO 9001: 2008 certified. This is a high honor, the industry standard that guarantees our products are high quality and long lasting and our customer service is friendly and effective.

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