ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • Center-Bolted Mounts protect equipment that manages heavy loads from negative inputs like shock & vibration
  • Center-Bolted Mounts are ISO 9001:2008 certified to be a quality and cost-effective product
  • Center-Bolted Mounts: custom metal to rubber-bonded bumper from industry leader for over 50 years, H.A. King

Center-Bolted Mounts are custom vibration control solutions from H.A. King. All those negative, damaging inputs from structure borne vibration, transmitted vibration, and steady state vibration your machinery endures? All the electric shock issues you’re having? Employees complaining of ringing ears?

We can put a stop to all of that.

Our custom metal to rubber bonded vibration control solutions are all ISO 9001:2008 certified for product and system quality by the International Standard of Organization. See the ISO badge on our site? When you see that, you can be assured that our products have been rigorously tested and meet a set of stringent standards set by international standard.

While all our vibration control solutions for heavy machinery, sensitive equipment, and industrial applications is verified to be a great solution by ISO, our Center-Bolted Mounts are a little something special. These rugged anti-vibration bumpers will stop vibration and shock from damaging your machinery. If your machinery is having a hard time completing its job to the best of its ability, it may be because the negative forces it is subject to are just too much. Your industrial application is struggling- it’s sending up a red flag! Help me!!

Center-Bolted Mounts are just what the doctor ordered.

Center-Bolted Mounts are designed to attenuate both high and low frequency disturbances in machinery that works with especially heavy loads. Center-Bolted Mounts are manufactured in a wide range of sizes, to be able to accommodate loads as light as 30 pounds or as heavy as 2,500 pounds. How do we do it?

Center-Bolted Mounts are custom metal to rubber bonded vibration control solutions that have a simple, yet effective design. The no-fuss, easy to install and maintain one piece design, featuring an elastomer bonded to a tubular inner steel member, is proven to work. Period. Center-Bolted Mounts are highly customizable as well- this large product range comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, with many options available to suit your needs:

  • Built-in rebound protection allows Center-Bolted Mounts to be an effective anti-vibration solution to your unique industrial application.
  • Center-Bolted Mounts can be engineered with your choice of natural or neoprene rubber elastomers
  • Center-Bolted Mounts can handle loads as light as 30 or as heavy as 2,400 pounds
  • Center-Bolted Mounts can work with axial spring rates ranging from 660-26,700 pound
  • Center-Bolted mounts have flexible suspension systems

Center-Bolted Mounts are ideal:

  • Engine Vibration Control Solutions
  • Transmission Vibration Control Solutions
  • Generator Vibration Control Solutions
  • Industrial Machinery Vibration Control Solutions
  • Fuel Tank Vibration Control Solutions
  • Radiator Vibration Control Solutions
  • Accessory Equipment Vibration Control Solutions
  • Pump Vibration Control Solutions
  • Cab Vibration Control Solutions
  • And more!

Call H.A. King at 248-599-2105. We’re ready and waiting to help guide you through our catalog to select the best-fit vibration control solution for your unique industrial application.