ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • Center-Bolted Mounts: rugged and resilient to protect your industrial application from high and low frequency disturbances
  • Simple yet effective design of Center Bolted Mounts features a resilient elastomer bonded to inner steel member
  • Center-Bolted Mounts can handle axial spring rates as heavy as 5,000 pounds

Most, if not all, industrial applications are suspect to damaging inputs that can harm the way they work. Since your industrial application makes the work your company or organization does possible, it’s very prudent to protect your machinery to ensure its able to do the best work it can for your for a very long time.

H.A. King has been leading the vibration control solution industry for over 50 years in creating custom fit metal to rubber bonded vibration control isolators and bumpers for machinery ranging from drawing equipment to medical equipment to tractors to large on-highway vechiles and construction equipment, to the smallest tillers & tampers or manufacturing equipment. Our vibration control equipment is ISO certified to be a high-quality, cost-effective, and durable solution to any vibration control or shock control problems your company may have with your industrial application, machinery or sensitive equipment.

A custom metal to rubber bonded Center Bolted Mount by H.A. King can overhaul your entire workplace by eliminated both high and low frequency disturbances from disrupting your company or organization’s process, job or work. Center-Bolted Mounts even damp noise, making your workplace more pleasant and productive as they make your machinery able to work more precisely.

H.A. King manufactures several lines of custom engineered metal to rubber bonded vibration control equipment, including Engine Mounts, Shear Mounts, Cylindrical Mounts, and more!

Center-Bolted Mounts have a flexible suspension systems. This flexible suspension system incorporated into the design of Center-Bolted Mounts will isolate vibration and control shock and other damaging inputs, all while damping noise.  Dynamically effective in all directions, Center Bolted Mounts come with many options and are a highly customizable vibration control solution:

  • Center Bolted Mounts can be crafted from your choice of natural or neoprene rubber elastomers
  • Center Bolted Mounts have different axial spring rates available, from 660-26,700 pounds
  • Center Bolted Mounts can handle loads of varying weights, from 30 to 2,400 pounds
  • Center-Bolted Mounts have a rugged, efficient one-piece design with an elastomer bonded to tubular inner steel member
  • Center Bolted Mounts provide built-in rebound protection

Convinced? Install a Center-Bolted Mount today and protect your machinery from harm! Treat your industrial application right- keep it working effectively for your company for a long, long time. Call H.A. King at 248-599-2105- one of our vibration control solution experts simply cannot wait to assist you in finding a vibration control solution that’s right for you!