ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • Conical Mounts are custom engineered to provide protection from shock & vibration
  • Conical Mounts have variable stud lengths available to suit your unique needs
  • Conical Mounts are ISO 9001:2008 certified for product quality and durability.

H.A. King’s custom metal to rubber bonded 1000 Series of Isolators is a line of vibration isolation equipment that includes more than 400 different products of varying sizes, shapes, stud lengths, load carrying capacities, axial spring rates, and more to enable them to protect almost any type of machinery from damage.

Conical Mounts are able to ease both structure borne and transmitted vibration, stop electric shock in its tracks and keep it from damaging your machinery, and even damp noise generated from running to help you create a more pleasant work environment. These rugged custom to metal bonded bumpers are extremely versatile, and have acted as:

  • Agricultural industry vibration control solutions
  • Engineering industry vibration control solutions
  • Medical industry vibration control solutions
  • Manufacturing industry vibration control solutions
  • And more!

Conical Mounts are effective when applied to many different industrial applications and types of machinery. Typical applications include:

  • Compressors
  • Computers
  • Engine Generator Sets
  • Pumps
  • Electronic Units
  • Motorcycles
  • Blowers
  • Relays
  • Small Tillers & Tampers
  • Fans
  • Timing Devices
  • Garden Tractors & Mowers
  • Motors
  • Control Panels
  • Plant Machinery
  • Air Conditioning Equip.
  • Business Machines
  • Vibratory Feeders

Conical Mounts are available in your choice of natural and neoprene rubber. H.A. King’s custom metal to rubber bonded Conical Mounts can handle a static load of up to 56 pounds, and a dynamic load of up to 350 pounds.  These mounts are crafted from the highest and most technologically advanced metal and rubber components. Because H.A. King is not limited to in-house manufacturing methods, we can freely solicit the most advanced techniques on the market today when we select our product components. We then custom engineer them into high quality, effective vibration control solutions for your industrial application.

Our Conical Mounts are so great, they are certified by the International Standard of Organization. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification ensures our Conical Mounts, and all our custom vibration control solutions, meet the industry standard for product excellence. Conical Mounts are durable, have a long service life, are easy to install and require virtually no maintenance. Above all, they are effective. Conical Mounts, or any of our custom engineered metal to rubber bonded bumpers, will protect your machinery from damage. This can overhaul your company’s entire process, ensuring your machinery does the job it is intended for correctly and precisely each and every time.

You may use the form at the right hand side of your screen to detail your machinery, process, and problem. A vibration control solution expert will get back to you promptly. Or, if you just can’t wait to get started, dial 248-599-2105 and an H.A. King vibration control solution expert will be more than happy to help you select the vibration control solution and customization options that will be the best fit for your industrial application.

H.A. King has been leading the vibration control solution industry for over 50 years. You can trust that we are committed to finding you the correct rubber bumper to solve any issue your company might be having with the industrial application you utilize.