ISO 9001:2015 Certified

H. A. King has a focused commitment to new vibration product development that has allowed us to keep in touch with the demands of our customers. New vibration control technologies combine with existing vibration control products like our conical mounts, allow us to accommodate a wide variety of customers across the United States. H. A. King will find the right conical mount for your application or design it custom to meet the needs of your environment. Our professional engineering team is ready and able to assist you in designing custom vibration control, shock isolation and noise control solutions to address your specific operational requirements.

Vibration Control Products

  • Quality conical mounts
  • Custom metal to rubber bonding
  • Rubber compression
  • Customized product engineering
  • National shipping accommodations
  • Noise and motion management
  • Custom quality designs
  • Easy to install
  • Exhibit long, highly reliable service life

Conical Mount Vibration Control Products

H. A. King conical mounts provide effective vibration isolation and noise control with a reliable but simple conical mount design. Conical mount applications include cab, engine and transmission mounts for trucks, buses, construction and agricultural vehicles. H. A. King can integrate conical mounts into your vibration control system to meet your operational needs. Contact H. A. King to learn more about conical mounts, vibration control products or our quality custom engineering services for your industrial, automotive, commercial, defense or aerospace operation needs.

Conical Mount Vibration Control Applications

  • Aerospace Vibration Control Solutions
  • Defense Vibration Control Solutions
  • Industrial Vibration Control Solutions
  • Commercial Vibration Control Solutions
  • Automotive Vibration Control Solutions