ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • Center-Bolted Mounts: custom engineered metal to rubber bonded vibration control mounts from H.A. King
  • Center-Bolted Mounts come in sizes ready to handle axial spring rates as heavy as 5,000 pounds
  • Center-Bolted Mounts: ISO certified to have long service life

H.A. King has been manufacturing anti-vibration bumpers for industrial applications for over 50 years. At this point, we’re pretty familiar with most industrial applications and the problems they endure due to vibration and shock.

Your industrial application is subject to many damaging inputs that can affect the way it works. Structure borne or transmitted vibration can affect the way your machinery works, causing it to do its job imprecisely. Shock can bring a halt to entire workdays. Luckily, these problems can be avoided by installing a piece of custom metal to rubber bonded vibration control equipment form H.A. King.

Center Bolted Mounts have acted as:

  • Manufacturing Industry Vibration Control Solutions
  • Construction Industry Vibration Control Solution
  • Transport & Shipping Industry Vibration Control Solutions
  • Medical Indsutry Vibration Control Solutions
  • Agricultural Industry Vibration Control Solutions
  • Engineering Industry Vibration Control Solutions
  • Defense Industry Vibration Control Solutions
  • And more!

One such product line manufactured by H.A. King is our Center Bolted Mounts. Center Bolted Mounts will eliminated both high and low frequency disturbances cause by shock or vibration from disrupting your company or organization’s process. Center-Bolted Mounts will even damp the horrible noise your machinery generates as it works, making your workplace much more pleasant and increasing employee productivity and satisfaction.

Why are Center Bolted Mounts special?

Center-Bolted Mounts have a flexible suspension systems to isolate vibration, shock and other damaging inputs from harming your machinery, all while damping noise. Center  Bolted Mounts are a great choice for many companies utilizing many different industrial applications because of their customizability and the following features:

  • Center Bolted Mounts are engineered using your choice of natural or neoprene rubber elastomers
  • Center Bolted Mounts can work with loads weighing from 30 to 2,400 pounds
  • Center Bolted Mounts have a wide range of axial spring rates available, from 660-26,700 pounds
  • Center-Bolted Mounts are constructed using a simple yet durable one-piece design with an elastomer bonded to tubular inner steel member
  • Center Bolted Mounts provide built-in rebound protection

Call H.A. King at 248-599-2105. A Vibration Control Solution Professional will talk with you about your industrial application and sensitive equipment, the type of job it does, and what your needs may be.