ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • Cylindrical Mounts: custom metal to rubber bonded vibration control solutions by H.A. King
  • A popular vibration and shock control solution across many industries
  • Various shapes and styles available to fit your unique industrial application

Your industrial application is likely one of your company’s most precious investments. That’s because it performs a job or function essential to your job or process that human workers simply cannot replicate. Be it working with heavy loads, drawing or cutting materials of various thicknesses, transporting goods across long distances…there are many things companies rely on their industrial applications for. No matter how big or small, without your industrial application, you simply could not get the job done.

That’s why it’s so important to be sure to properly care for and protect your industrial application. If you don’t have a Cylindrical Mount, or other custom metal to rubber bonded bumper, installed on your application, you need to order our catalog – right away!

Cylindrical Mounts will:

  • Protect your machinery from shock, structure borne vibration, transmitted vibration, and both high and low frequency disturbances
  • Help your machinery to function at peak performance levels by eliminating disturbances
  • Save your company money by improving the quality of work your machinery does
  • Damp loud and unpleasant noises generated by your industrial application hard at work

What’s not to love? Really. Pick up your phone and get ready to dial 248-599-2105. H.A. King will take care of all your workplace woes with Cylindrical Mounts. Cylindrical Mounts have been a popular vibration control solution for applications and machinery ranging from small tillers and tampers, to plant machinery and vibratory feeders, to control panels, computers, and more! Cylindrical Mounts are one of H.A. King’s bestselling custom engineered metal to rubber-bonded bumpers. Not only are Cylindrical Mounts sandwich mounts that are ISO 9001 certified for product quality, they are also highly customizable. That means no matter how highly specialized or oddly shaped your machinery or instrumentation is, we likely manufacture a Cylindrical Mount that will fit your machinery like a glove.

Customization options include:

  • 5 different styles available
  • Available in natural or neoprene rubber
  • Both standard and non-standard stud lengths available
  • Maximum shear static load capacity ranging from 30-140 pounds
  • Maximum compression load capacity ranging from 37-560 pounds
  • Available with 6-32 threads, 8-32 threads, 10-32 threads, ¼-20 threads, 5/16-18 threads, and 3/8-16 threads

Don’t hesitate! The sooner you call, the sooner you can be amazed at the way Cylindrical Mounts will overhaul your entire workplace by protecting your machinery from damaging shock and vibration inputs. Don’t let a little vibration ruin your workday- call H.A. King today to have a Custom Vibration Control Solution Expert help guide you through our catalog and recommend the Cylindrical Mount or other custom metal to rubber-bonded bumper that’s the best fit solution for your instrumentation.