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H.A. King has the cylindrical engine mounts you need at a great price.  All cylindrical engine mounts are made with the finest quality rubber and metal to meet the most demanding requirements for effective vibration and noise control. These products can cover a wide range of frequencies and manage motion at the same time. Cylindrical engine mounts, also known as cylindrical bobbins or bobbin mounts, are commonly used for both active and passive vibration suppression. Whatever your industry or specific needs, H.A. King has your covered.

Benefits of Cylindrical Engine Mounts

Cylindrical engine mounts are a simple way to control vibration and noise without breaking the bank. We have many sizes, studs, and threads to choose from so you are guaranteed the perfect fit.Tapped holes are available for a wide variety of applications ranging from protecting sensitive electrical equipment to industrial applications such as shock and vibration reduction. They even accommodate commercial grinding machines.

Additional benefits of Cylindrical Mounts

  • Reduce wear and extend the life of the machinery
  • Increase machine protection
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Improved work environment for your employees
  • Reduce shock to floors and foundations

Applications that use cylindrical mounts include fans, motors, compressors, grinding machines, HVAC equipment, pumps, relays, generator engines, blowers, bumpers, appliances, electric control panels, automotive equipment, and many more! For the cylindrical engine mounts you need, call H.A. King today. Join the thousands of customers that trust the experts at H.A. King, year after year.