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Cylindrical Mount Bobbins

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Cylindrical Mount Bobbins are a simple, reliable and economic solution to vibration isolation issues. The Isolator is designed to both control noise and protect equipment from damaging structure-borne vibration. Protecting equipment from the damage caused by vibration will increase the longevity of your machinery and provide a safer working environment.

Cylindrical Mount Vibration Control Applications

Further, H.A. King’s Cylindrical Mount Bobbins are a focused series of isolators built from an elastomeric compound. The primary purpose of the isolator is to protect equipment from damaging vibration and shock inputs. As a result, H.A. King engineers and designers continue to innovate and improve upon past designs to find the most effective combination of cost-effectiveness, durability, reliability and industrial versatility. Moreover, vibration and shock can be the cause of malfunctioning machinery in the future. Especially in industries that rely on heavy machinery with large outputs of energy and pressure.

For example, see some of the industries our products serve in:

  • Military
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial
  • HVAC Systems
  • Medical Equipment
  • Highway Vehicles

In any of these scenarios, a breakdown in machinery could be more than costly, it could be dangerous. That’s why safeguarding all heavy machinery and otherwise with vibration isolators is good step in the right direction. Being proactive about preventative measures is vital in any environment where heavy machinery is operational.

Additional Benefits

However, there is more to safeguard than purchasing a product. You need to fit your machinery properly and with reliable technology. The technicians and designers at H.A. King have years of experience outfitting various industries with the proper safeguard measurements. Moreover, H.A. King Cylindrical Mount Bobbins  are built with a durable elastomeric compound bonded between a two-part metal isolation piece. As a result, the mount’s lightweight and resilient design, along with various sizes and configurations that can be customized, make the Cylindrical Mount Bobbins an exemplary model for several different applications.

Here are some of the cylindrical mount applications:

  • Compressors
  • Computers
  • Engine Generator Sets
  • Pumps
  • Electronic Units
  • Motorcycles
  • Blowers
  • Relays
  • Small Tillers & Tampers
  • Fans
  • Timing Devices
  • Garden Tractors & Mowers
  • Motors
  • Control Panels
  • Plant Machinery
  • Air Conditioning Equip.

It’s clear the cylindrical isolator has a lot of advantages, mainly its versatility. It’s ability to perform a wide range of tasks across several industries is why it is such a popular product. However, more than its versatility is the wide range of isolator series we have available. As mentioned above, our designers are constantly improving upon industry standards for vibration isolation products. Below, you can see some of the technical specifications that shape the way we design isolators. Moreover, our range of products ensures that we find the correct configuration for what you are looking for.

Isolator Series

H.A. King has a wide array of products and configurations. Our selection is a staple because it ensures that we will find the proper part, model and configuration for the machine that needs to be fitted. This is an important part of the process because a perfect fit will safeguard your equipment properly and help it run more efficiently as it takes the load off of it. In addition, if for some reason there is a specific configuration or model you need, we can make a customization. Our top-quality materials, experienced engineers and exemplary craftsmanship guarantee you get the isolator you are in need of.  

First, take a look at some of our models.

Just in our 1000 Series for Cylindrical Isolators you can look for a piece ranging anywhere from 1/4 – 20 to 8 – 32 threads. And you’ll see the advantages of these different threads, but here are just a few features:

  • Reduce transmitted vibration from reciprocating or rotating equipment
  • Prevent transmission of structure-borne noise
  • Prevent damage to sensitive equipment from vibration and shock
  • Can be loaded in compression or shear
  • Available in a wide range of styles, sizes and load ranges

Or maybe you were looking for our 1000 Series Isolator Female Threads which feature a resilient elastomeric element bonded to steel fasteners. If so, our isolators are available in 2″ diameters with rubber thicknesses ranging from 1″ to 2 5/8″. These Cylindrical Mounts are an ideal choice for mounting applications such as skid loaders, vibratory plate compactors and other farm and construction equipment.

Moreover, our product catalog lists the product specifics by part and allows for a client to compare them in real time should they choose to.

cylindrical isolators

Call About Our Cylindrical Isolators

Finally H.A. King has served several industries for more than 50 years. We have provided vibration isolation products and solutions that are ensure safer work conditions. H.A. King manufactures nine different lines of vibration isolation mounts, each of which has special features and customization options that make them better able to protect your machinery and isolate against vibration in the conditions under which your sensitive equipment operates.

For an industry leader focused on solutions and customer satisfaction, call H.A. King today. Innovative technology, decades of expertise, customization and composite designs that can’t be beat. We’re the place to go for all your vibration isolation products and shock control services.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are available to help at 248-599-2105.