ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • Cylindrical Mounts protect your machinery from vibrational disturbances
  • Cylindrical Mounts come in various sizes and load carrying capacities to suit your needs
  • Cylindrical Mounts fit many types of machinery used in many different industries, ranging from agricultural industrial applications, to engineering applications, to construction applications- and more!

Your industrial application is the cornerstone of the work your company does. Without it, you would almost certainly be unable to complete the task your company performs, or manufacture the product that your company produces. Your industrial application preforms an essential function for you business, be it drawing or cutting machinery, cement mixers and construction equipment, or a shipping container. Unfortunately, these types of machinery are often subject to damaging inputs, such as structure borne or transmitted vibration or even electric shock.

You may be familiar with these types of disturbances because you’ve had to repair your machinery so often because of these damaging inputs. Shock and vibration can damage your machinery, making it work imprecisely, or even taking it out of commission entirely. Since you lean on your industrial application so heavily to complete your work, it’s important that it functions smoothly and accurately for you.

H.A. King is here to protect your machinery from harm! That’s right- there is a way to stop your machinery from suffering damage due to shock and structure borne or transmitted vibration! Say it with us: custom metal to rubber bonded Cylindrical Mounts!

Yes, Cylindrical Mounts are a sandwich mount from H.A. King’s custom engineered 1000 Series of anti-vibration equipment. All our custom metal to rubber bonded bumpers are certified to be easy to install and cost-effective solutions to issues with preventing vibration or shock from affecting the way your industrial application works.

All our products are our products are engineered to meet rigid specifications required by a particular application. A dizzying array of customization options for our custom metal to rubber bonded vibration bumpers means our products will work on a wide variety of applications that perform different functions.

Cylindrical Mounts are a popular solution because they are highly versatile and customizable. Cylindrical Mounts are manufactured from the most premium product components. All our metal and rubber components are solicited from companies utilizing the most technologically advanced rubber compounding and metal fabricating processes to engineer high-quality products, which we then engineer into advanced vibration control solutions for industrial applications of all shapes and sizes.

Cylindrical Mounts will protect your industrial application from both high and low frequency disturbances. This popular vibration control solution can be customized to fit your machinery so well, you’ll feel like it was custom engineered by H.A. King just for your industrial application.

Cylindrical Mounts are a vibration control solution that have a simple, yet rugged design. This enables them to withstand the pressure and weight of the load your machinery must work with. The rubber components help to insulate your machinery, industrial application, or sensitive equipment against electric shock, while soothing the pain vibrational inputs can cause. As an added bonus, Cylindrical Mounts will help to dampen noise caused by a hardworking industrial application.  This will invite the soothing sounds of silence into your workplace once again, creating a better work environment for employees. Everybody knows a quieter, happier workplace is a more productive workplace! H.A. King can help overhaul your entire business- all with a simple metal to rubbed bonded Cylindrical Mount. Trust us- we’ve been doing this for years. Over 50 years, to be exact. H.A. King has been leading the vibration control industry for over 50 years by engineering high quality, custom metal to rubber bonded bumpers for vibration, shock and noise control.

H.A. King’s Cylindrical Mounts have the following customization options available:

  • Cylindrical Mounts can be loaded in compression or shear
  • Cylindrical Mounts hace varying maximum compression and static load carrying capacities available to suit your needs
  • Cylindrical Mounts have both standard and non-stand stud lengths are available
  • Cylindrical Mounts can be produced in both natural and neoprene rubber

All our vibration control products, including Cylindrical Mounts, are ISO certified to meet industry standard for high-quality, cost-effective vibration control solutions that really work. Cylindrical Mounts are easy to install and even easier to maintain- they’re virtually maintenance free, so you won’t have to lift a finger.

Sit back, relax, and call 248-599-2105. An H.A. King vibration control solution expert is ready to help you select the vibration control equipment best suited to your industrial application or sensitive equipment and the types of work it does or task it must complete.

Just tell us a little about your machinery, the job it does, the problems you are having with it, and about your workplace. We’re happy to use this information to search our enormous catalog and find the Cylindrical Mount (or other custom engineered vibration control solution) that’s right for you!