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The key to commercial and industrial success is efficient equipment. When everything is humming along and work is smooth sailing, you might not give too much thought to the inner workings of your industrial machinery and technology. But when the moving and rotating parts in your engines, tools, appliances, and other commercial equipment start to make a huge racket, it might be all you can think about! Excessive shock vibration can cause significant damage to your sensitive and expensive technology, not to mention the sheer noise problem! There is no reason to discard functioning equipment just because it’s loud – that’s where the anti-vibration experts at H.A. King come in! Our customized noise-isolating anti-vibration mounts are your money-saving solution! Our inventory features anti-vibration mounts that will reclaim your equipment’s integrity and efficiency.

Some commercial equipment owners, carpenters, professionals, and  other industrial professionals put up with excessive noise coming from their technology – because, pragmatically speaking, buying a replacement would be too costly. Others are forced to discard a perfectly good engine or machine because it’s ceaseless shaking or noise output has caused structural damage to other equipment. When you’ve invested your time and money into industrial and commercial equipment, there is no room for mediocre performance. Don’t find yourself in either of these situations! If you have a vibration absorption or noise control problem with your specialized industrial equipment, call the shock reduction experts at H.A. King! Rubber-to-metal bonded products such as our anti-vibration mounts are a simple low-cost solution to get your equipment back up to speed.

Renewing your current industrial equipment is as easy as a phone call. That’s right! With one easy phone call to the vibration control specialists at H.A. King, your equipment will be on the right track toward  quieter and more efficient performance. H.A. King is the industry authority for designing, manufacturing, and installing rubber-to-metal bonded products and anti-vibration mounts. Our products are designed to work specifically with the unique specifications of any application. Our Michigan-based company provides savvy consumers like you with design, manufacturing, and consulting services for industrial and commercial equipment applications. We have 5 flawless decades of customer satisfaction and high-quality production! We keep production costs low by outsourcing parts from state-of-the-art rubber and metal manufacturers. The anti-vibration experts at H.A. King then process and assemble these high-tech anti-vibration parts into isolators, engine mounts, and other shock mounts.

Find the perfect anti-vibration mounts for your industry at H.A. King today! If your equipment is suffering from excessive vibration or abnormal noise output, make the smart choice. Contact us today at our Royal Oak Location by e-mailing or calling 248-599-2015!