ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • Eliminate stress and excessive wear on rubber surfaces through use of metal plates on all contact surfaces
  • H.A. King’s Engine Mounts are assembled in the U.S.A.
  • H.A. King ships across the country for your convenience

H.A. King creates custom metal to rubber bonded bumpers. These engine mounts protect from vibration damage, shock damage, and protect your ears from noise damage. H.A. King utilizes the most current technology and most innovative techniques to provide you with the highest quality engine mounts. We understand that industrial applications are often large and costly, and it can be frustrating when things go wrong. It can affect the product you turn out, irritate employees working nearby, and be costly to your company when your machinery needs repairs.

Fortunately, H.A. King manufactures Engine Mounts to meet your needs. H.A. King’s Engine Mounts:

  • Pilot brushing to relieve lateral stress on the mounting bolt
  • Metal surfaces to control movement in the FOR, AFT, and lateral
  • Eliminate stress and excessive wear on rubber surfaces through use of metal plates on all contact surfaces
  • Control torque reactions
  • Ease of location via pilot fiange into mounting bracket
  • Are designed to incorporate spacer to achieve correct preload installation

H.A. King’s Engine Mounts are of the highest quality and will extend the life of your industrial application by protecting it from damage. A rubber bumper can absorb shock and damage caused by vibration as your industrial application works. All of our products, including our engine mounts, are engineered to meet rigid specifications required by a particular application. We outsource many of our individual components, which gives us the flexibility to ensure that Engine Mounts and other custom isolators and metal to rubber bonded bumpers can be a solution for a wide range of industrial applications across many industries, including:

  • Aerospace Industries
  • Defense Industries
  • Commercial industries
  • Medical industries
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Engineering industries
  • Agricultural industries
  • And many more!

Pick up the phone and dial 248-599-2105- don’t wait another second. Don’t just sit there while your machinery incurs costly damage- there is an easy, cost effective solution. A qualified H.A. King representative will be there to guide you through the catalog, answer questions, and help you choose the engine mount or other metal to rubber bonded bumper that can be a solution for your company’s vibration, shock, or noise control issues.