ISO 9001:2015 Certified

H.A. King Conical Mounts Stop Electric Shock, Dampen Noise, and Ease Vibration

•    Conical Mounts manufactured at home the USA
•    Conical Mounts are long-lasting, low maintenance, and easy to install
•    H.A. King ‘s enormous product catalog available online

Many companies that use industrial applications as a central component of the work they do are plagued by similar problems- and H.A. King can solve them all!

Ears ringing from the constant roar of industrial machinery hard at work? Pockets empty from footing the bill for repair costs? Machinery working so hard it shakes, rendering it unable to do its job precisely and accurately?

Yep. We’ve heard that before.

You might think you need to seek out an industry specific company or contractor to come service your industrial application- but that’s just not true. See, we’re in the business of creating solutions- so no matter what industry you work in or how specialized your industrial machinery is, we can help. Our Conical Mounts, and all our rubber bumpers and engine mounts, are highly customizable. Options like thread length, load carrying capacity, and stud length will help you make a Conical Mount feel like it was made just for you.

Our Conical Mounts, Rectangular Mounts, Cylindrical Mounts, Shear Mounts, and other rubber bumpers and isolators have been solutions to industries as diverse as:

•    Defense Industries
•    Agricultural Industries
•    Engineering Industries
•    Automotive Industries
•    Agricultural Industries
•    Medical Industries
•    And more!

A Conical Mount, like all our engine mounts, is composed of the highest quality components. We outsource individual components to ensure that the parts of our product are the highest quality, most cutting edge technology available, and then assemble our products here in the USA.

Whether you’re looking to silence the unpleasant noise that barrages employee’s ears all day, eliminate the need for costly repairs when your industrial application incurs damage from vibration or electric shock, or simply extend the life of your industrial application, a Rectangular Mount can be a solution for you.

H.A. King is ISO 9001:2009 certified, which means that we meet the standards for excellent customer service and our products are of the highest quality. You can count on that- ISO 9001 is used by many companies located in 170 countries around the world, including industry leaders like Coca-Cola, Xerox, Ford, and more! Meeting these rigorous standards for product quality, ease of installation, and ease of maintenance is a point of pride for us.

Pick up the phone and call (248) 599-2105 today, or use the form at the right hand side of your screen to detail your industrial application and the needs of your workplace. An H.A. King representative will contact you shortly to recommend the Conical Mount or other engine mount that will be the best-fit solution for your machinery and your company. H.A. King can’t wait to help- don’t make us wait!