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Anti Vibration Engine Mounts

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For over 50 years, H.A. King has been manufacturing a wide variety of metal to rubber bonded products used to solve vibration, shock and noise control problems across an array of different industries.

Our 8000 Series of Isolators are a line of durable Engine Mounts built to provide custom vibration control solutions for a multitude of machinery applications. Like all of our products, our Engine Mounts combine quality craftsmanship with custom specifications, making them a solution for a number of different engine designs. Utilizing a state-of-the-art metal to rubber bonding technique, our 3000 Series Isolator Engine Mounts not only solve vibration concerns but they also promote a quieter, more controlled engine operation.

H.A. King’s Engine Mounts Feature:

  • Pilot bushing to relieve lateral stresses on the mounting bolt
  • Metal plates on all contact surfaces to eliminate stress and wear on rubber
  • Metal surfaces to control movement in the FOR, AFT and lateral

Our Engine Mounts are extremely versatile and are available in several options to best suit your individual vibration control needs. Our engine mounts are a popular choice in many industries, from the aerospace industry, to the defense industry, to the automotive industry and everything in between.

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