ISO 9001:2015 Certified

As you prepare to make a complex repair on your system or enhance it’s function, let our team at H.A. King help you. We provide a wide range of solutions for shock, noise and vibration control. Our vast catalog of standard anti vibration rubber mounts are suited for most applications. However, we are often able to offer customized solutions for those more challenging needs. With extensive experience and high quality, American made products, H.A. King is able to address most challenges presented by excessive vibration.

What You Can Expect from H.A. King

We work hard to identify a solution for your vibration and impact problems. Not only do we offer a wide range of mount options, but these products are some of the highest quality within the industry. One key difference is workmanship with which we manufacture our products. Our rubber to metal bonded products are extremely durable and provide a high level of shock, noise and vibration control. When you invest in these well-made products, you will recognize their value. Not only will you see a reduction in vibration, but with the use of anti vibration rubber mounts, you also extend the life of your system. That saves you money in the long term.

At H.A. King, we are committed to providing you with exceptional products. As an industry leader, we know the importance of customization and specialization in every product. If you need to invest in anti vibration rubber mounts – for any application – we encourage you to call us to discuss your project. You can also browse our online product catalog right now to find what you need. Call us at 248-599-2105 to find the solutions for your needs.