ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Metal to Rubber Bonded Bumpers Stop Electric Shock, Silence Noise, and Dampen Vibration!

•    Rubber bumpers from H.A. King are a solution to many problems that may be plaguing your workplace
•    Large variety of customizable metal to rubber-bonded bumpers in all shapes and sizes available
•    ISO 9001:2008 certified for product quality & attentive customer service

Do you ever find yourself sinking into a pit of despair as you look over another long repair bill? Wonder why your employees seem so listless and seem to take so little joy in their work? Hang your head when the product comes off the line with imperfections that mean you have to start over- not because of a mistake on the part of the company, but vibration shaking your industrial application so hard that it cannot perform it’s job accurately?

First of all, don’t despair. These are common problems that plague virtually all industries that make use of an industrial application or machinery to perform an essential function of the job they do or the product they manufacture. And it’s solvable.

H.A. King has been creating solutions to problems like these for over 50 years. We lead the industry in creating custom metal to rubber-bonded bumpers in all shapes and sizes to dampen vibration, silence noise, and guard against electrical shock that can damage your machinery.

Our 1000 series of custom metal to rubber-bonded bumpers come in many shapes and sizes to ensure that we can solve these problems for you and your company- no matter what job you do or the function of your industrial machinery. Our Conical Mounts, Shear Mounts, Rectangular Mounts, Cylindrical Mounts, Shear Mounts, and other metal to rubber-bonded bumpers have been a solution to vibration control, shock control, and noise control problems with industrial applications in industries as diverse as:

•    Medical Industries
•    Agricultural Industries
•    Manufacturing Industries
•    Engineering Industries
•    Automotive Industries
•    Mining Industries
•    Commercial Industries
•    Defense Industries
•    And more!

H.A. King was founded to provide design and manufacturing of rubber engine mounting components and special torsional crankshaft vibration dampers. Over the years, we have expanded to apply our knowledge to additional vibration control issues in many different industries. We want to be able to solve as many workplace problems as possible, and are delighted to see companies flourish after they install our metal to rubber-bonded bumpers. The bottom line of any company can be improved by increasing employee morale, cutting costs (for example, eliminating costly repair bills for damage to your machinery related to vibration or shock), increasing product quality, and increasing the efficiency of your industrial machinery.

Our metal to rubber-bonded bumpers are high quality, easy to install, and require virtually no maintenance. And if you don’t believe us, ask the International Standard of Organization- they’ve awarded us our ISO 9001: 2008 certification, which signifies we’ve met their rigorous standards for product quality.

H.A. King’s custom metal to rubber-bonded bumpers will:

• Reduce transmitted vibration from reciprocating or rotating equipment
• Prevent transmission of structure-borne noise
• Prevent damage to sensitive equipment from vibration and shock

Available in both natural and neoprene, H.A. King’s custom metal to rubber bonded bumpers are engineered to be a solution to virtually any type of machinery or industrial application. We have many shapes, sizes, load carrying capacities, threads, and stud lengths available.

If you’re overwhelmed by your options, one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will be happy to listen as your detail your workplace problems and industrial application. They’ll help you navigate our catalog to locate the best-fit solution for your application, your problems, and your company.

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