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H.A. King Vibration Isolation Products

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H.A. King manufactures vibration isolation products in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your needs. As a result, our products solve vibration isolation problems in a number of industries. Our custom-made and high-quality vibration isolation products solve all vibration, shock, or noise control issues the way you need. Also, We specialize in rubber to metal bonded products specifically designed to solve any vibration control problem. For the best vibration isolation products available, look no further than H.A. King’s complete inventory.

H.A. King’s high-quality isolators, dampers and mounts are fabricated using state-of-the-art rubber to metal bonding processes. Our design and consulting services utilize the same technologies to deliver custom high-quality solutions engineered specifically for your application!

About H.A. King

The H.A. King Company has been providing design, consulting and manufacturing services for rubber bonded to metal products for over 50 years. During this period, our products and services have focused on controlling vibration, shock and noise problems in some of the most demanding industry applications.

The company was originally founded to provide design and manufacturing of rubber engine mounting components and special torsional crankshaft vibration dampers. Over the years we have expanded these activities by applying our knowledge and expertise to additional vibration control issues. Our full range of products now include metal to rubber isolators designed to address a complete range of vehicular, non-vehicular and stationary applications.