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Plate Mounts for Your Applications

H.A. King provides professional vibration control solutions for customers in across the United States. All vibration control products are developed to satisfy your needs as a member of  industrial, automotive, commercial and defense industries. Our custom designed plate mounts solve your noise, motion, and vibration control issues. No matter your environment or application, we have plate mounts that fit perfectly.

Vibration Control Products

  • Plate mounts
  • Rubber compression
  • Custom metal fabrication
  • Rubber to metal bonded vibration controls
  • U.S. made vibration control products
  • Ship across the U.S.
  • Custom vibration control design
  • Quality vibration control solutions

Vibration Control Plate Mounts

Get the vibration control solutions you’re looking for no matter what industry you work in. We specialize in custom solutions and implementing existing vibration control technologies to design the best possible vibration control solutions for your specific needs. Contact H.A. King now and learn more about our vibration control products and our full-service vibration control solutions.

Plate mount Vibration Control Applications

  • Aerospace Vibration Control Solutions
  • Defense Vibration Control Solutions
  • Industrial Vibration Control Solutions
  • Commercial Vibration Control Solutions
  • Automotive Vibration Control Solutions