ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • Plate Mounts: a series of custom metal to rubber bonded bumpers by H.A. King to isolate against lower frequency disturbances
  • Plate Mounts protect office equipment, computers, small pumps, and more!
  • Plate Mounts provide multi-directional isolation from low frequency vibrational disturbances and shock inputs

Even smaller equipment that experiences lower frequency disturbances must be protected to ensure a long, efficient service life. Just because your industrial application or instrumentation experiences isn’t subject to high frequency vibrational disturbances or shock inputs doesn’t mean it should go unprotected!

H.A. King is a leading name in the vibration control industry. For over 50 years, we’ve custom engineered and manufactured vibration control equipment for both large equipment that experiences high frequency disturbances, and smaller equipment that experiences occasional lower frequency disturbances. Our custom metal to rubber bonded bumpers and vibration isolation equipment come in many different sizes and shapes to enable us to have a hand in protecting as many industrial applications as possible- and we won’t rest until each and every piece of sensitive equipment and machinery is safe!

Your office machines, compressors, computers, small pumps, and instrumentation need to be protected. Installing one of our rubber vibration control mounts on your equipment will extend it’s useful service life, reduce repair costs, and reduce valuable work time lost to malfunctioning machinery.

H.A. King’s 3000 Series of Plate Mounts is an ideal solution for machinery that generates or is subject to lower frequency vibrational disturbances and shock inputs. Plate Mounts are Sandwich Mounts that are able to provide multi-directional isolation against disturbances in machinery working with light to medium loads.

Not only are Plate Mounts lightweight, compact, and easy to install- these rubber isolators have many customization options available to allow you to create a custom solution for your unique application. Plate Mounts:

  • Have axial spring rates of 33-690
  • Have a durometer range of 30-70
  • Max static load of up to 90 pounds
  • Can be shipped anywhere in the United States

Plate Mounts can save you money on repair costs in the short term, but will extend the useful service life of your machinery, ensuring you won’t have to purchase new equipment before you’re ready. Plate Mounts increase the accuracy and efficiency of your machinery, enabling it to work without shaking from vibration. They’ll reduce or eliminate lost work time due to malfunctioning machinery- and, as a bonus, Plate Mounts will even damp noise so your workplace is quiet and pleasant.

Call (248) 599-2105, or use the contact form to detail your workplace, machinery, the job it does, and the vibrational disturbances or shock inputs it experiences. An H.A. King Vibration Control Solution will respond promptly with the Plate Mount, Sandwich Mount, Rubber Bumper, or other vibration isolation equipment that’s just right for your machinery and the disturbances it experiences. With one of our cost effective and efficient Plate Mounts, you’ll enjoy a quieter, more pleasant and productive workplace. Your company will save money on repair bills to your sensitive equipment, eliminate costly product recalls, and improve the accuracy of your industrial application or instrumentation.