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Plate Mounts Eliminate Your Workplace Woes

•    Plate mounts are highly customizable and can accommodate virtually any type of industrial application, no matter the size or shape
•    Standard and non-standard stud lengths available
•    H.A. King has been creating vibration control solutions, noise control solutions, and shock control solutions for workplaces in many industries for over 50 years
•    Varying axial spring rates and maximum static loads

H.A. King is in business to help you. What do we do? We want to improve the efficiency of your workplace, the quality of the product you manufacture or the service you provide, increase your employee morale, and improve the bottom line of your company.

We can do all of that with one of our custom metal to rubber-bonded bumpers. Since your industrial application is so central to the work your organization does, it makes sense that many of your workplace problems could be traced back to problems with your industrial application.

Remember the last sky-high repair bill from industrial application suffered electric shock damage? Remember the workday you lost when your machine was out of commission? Installing one of our custom metal to rubber-bonded bumpers, like a Plate Mount, can put an end to losing valuable time out of your workday (and money in your company’s bank account!) due to costly repairs and valuable time lost when your machinery can’t do the job it is intended to do.

Our custom metal to rubber-bonded Plate Mounts can fix these problems and more. By installing one of our Plate Mounts on your industrial application, you’ll be taking are of several problems you may not have realized are plaguing your workplace.

Firstly, you’ll be protecting your company’s most precious investment, elongating its useful service life and protecting it against damage, which eliminates the need for costly repairs or lost workdays.

A Plate Mount will also dampen the roar industrial machinery generates as it works. It will invite the sweet sounds of silence into your workplace. And when your employees can hear pleasant workplace chatter instead of a sonic assault that leaves their ears ringing hours after they leave work, they’ll be able to do their jobs more cheerfully and efficiently.

Finally, Plate Mounts will steady your machinery as they dampen vibrations that can shake your machinery, causing it to work inefficiently.  It will improve the quality of the product you manufacture or the service you provide, which means happier customers and a better reputation for your company.

Plate Mounts and H.A. King’s other metal to rubber-bonded bumpers are extremely versatile, so they can solve workplace problems across many different industries. H.A. King has provided:
•    Aerospace Vibration Control Solutions
•    Defense Vibration Control Solutions
•    Engineering Vibration Control Solutions
•    Commercial Vibration Control Solutions
•    Automotive Vibration Control Solutions
•    And more!

Our 3000 Series of Plate Mounts can accommodate a variety of sizes, shapes and load carrying capacities. So no matter the job your industrial application must do, a Plate Mount or other rubber bumper can attenuate shock input, dampen vibration, and silence the roar of machinery hard at work. With custom rubber bonding and metal fabrication, our high-quality Plate Mounts, cylindrical mounts, rectangular mounts, or other metal to rubber bonded isolators and engine mounts are dynamically effective in all directions, have a long service life, and are easy to install and maintain.

An H.A. King vibration control expert is waiting to solve your company’s problem. Our attentive and knowledgeable customer service experts cannot wait to help your company solve any issues you may be having that stem from an industrial application. Call (248) 599-2105 to vent about your problem to one of our representatives, who will listen patiently as you detail your industrial application’s problems- then they’ll solve them. H.A. King can’t wait to provide a solution for you- just wait until you see how one of our Plate Mounts can make a difference in your workplace!