ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • Plate Mounts custom engineered to provide protection for your small to medium sized industrial application or instrumentation
  • Plate Mounts are simple, durable and long-lasting
  • 3020 Series Isolators Plate Mounts are virtually maintenance free

Machinery shaking uncontrollably? Can’t draw or cut in straight lines? Turning out imperfect product or doing a subpar job? Are your ears ringing from the horrible racket your equipment makes as it works? Wallet feeling a little light after the last round of highly specialized repairs?

H.A. King feels your pain. Luckily for you, it’s our business to solve these problems! How can we accomplish such an impossible task? How do we solve your impossible vibration control problems?

Well, with Plate Mounts, of course!

Plate Mounts is a custom line of vibration and shock control equipment engineered by yours truly. H.A. King solicits only the highest quality metal and rubber components, then engineers these premium ingredients into highly effective vibration control solutions like Plate Mounts for use on industrial applications of all shapes and sizes.

Plate Mounts are a special vibration control solution. We know smaller equipment can have big vibration, shock and noise control solutions. Small equipment still incurs large damaging inputs! Plate Mounts will protect your office machinery, compressor, computer equipment, and small pumps from vibration and shock damage

Plate Mounts are a vibration control solution from H.A. King that is ideal to protect smaller-sized equipment from low frequency disturbances. Plate Mounts can be:

  • Small to Medium Sized Instrumentation Vibration Control Solutions
  • Office Machine Vibration Control Solutions
  • Compressor Vibration Control Solutions
  • Computer Vibration Control Solutions
  • Small Pump Vibration Control Solutions

H.A. King’s 3000 Series of Plate Mounts are lightweight and compact, yet still able to provide multi-directional isolation against disturbances in machinery working with light to medium loads. This makes them an excellent choice in your search for a solution.

If you’re not already convinced, Plate Mounts are certified by industry standard to be effective, durable, and virtually maintenance free.

  • Plate Mounts have axial spring rate range of 33-690
  • Plate Mounts have a durometer range of 30-70
  • Plate Mounts have max static load of up to 90 pounds
  • Can be shipped anywhere in the United States

Prepare for your new Plate Mount by calling (248) 599-2105 or completing the form under the ‘Contact Us’ tab of our website. Tell us about your machinery, your company’s process, the job or task your application performs, and the conditions under which it operates. Our Vibration Control Solution expert will help you pick out the perfect Plate Mount and all the right customization options to make it feel like it was engineered just for you.