ISO 9001:2015 Certified

plate mounts
  • H.A. King’s custom engineered Plate Mounts will help you protect your sensitive equipment or machinery against damage

  • Plate Mounts utilize the most advanced processes in rubber compounding and metal fabrication

  • Plate Mounts are available in a wide variety of sizes and load ranges

H.A. King manufactures a 3000 series of state of the art, cutting edge vibration control solutions. Our custom engineered, high quality Plate Mounts are a family of versatile low-frequency isolators recommended to isolate steady state vibration and control for occasional shock inputs.

That makes these lightweight and compact isolators ideal for everything from small pumps to compressors, office equipment to computers and other instrumentation. Plate Mounts will provide multi-directional isolation from lower frequency disturbances

Plate Mounts:

  • Stop transmission of structure borne noise in its tracks to give your eardrums a break from unpleasant banging and clanging

  • Isolate low frequency vibration inputs, protecting your sensitive equipment from damage

  • Control occasional shock inputs to save you time and money on repair costs or lost workdays

  • Provide multi-directional isolation from lower frequency disturbances

Maximum static loads of H.A. King Plate Mounts range from 3-90 pounds. Custom engineered Plate Mounts are available in many sizes to enable this series of vibration control solutions to handle axial spring rates ranging from 5-690 pounds per inch. That makes Plate Mounts an excellent vibration control, shock control and noise control solutions for an incredible array of different industries with different machinery completing different processes.

H.A. King has engineered custom vibration control solutions for industrial applications for over 50 years. We manufacture elastomeric vibration isolators, shock mounts and other anti-vibration products to control shock input, dampen noise, and ease structure-borne or transmitted vibration in order to protect your sensitive equipment. We outsource individual components of our Plate Mounts and other vibration control products, in order to be able to utilize every advance in the rubber compounding and metal fabrication processes as soon as it happens. We design and assemble our products at H.A. King HQ in the USA, and H.A. King engineers are the best and the brightest in the business.  Be assured that an H.A. King Plate Mount or other vibration control solution is simply the best. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified for both product quality and incredible customer service.

Speaking of customer service, why don’t you call 248-599-2105 now? An extremely knowledgeable vibration control solution expert is standing by waiting to help your company solve your vibration control problem, shock control issues, or noise control nuisance.  They’ll be able to help you select the correct custom metal to rubber bonded engine mount, rubber bumper, or rubber isolator to fit your machinery- no matter the size of the industrial application or the size of the job.  They can also help you to design a custom solution for your unique industrial application. We’re passionate about solving problems. Let us take a crack at yours. Call the vibration control solution experts now- don’t let your machinery endure vibration and shock damage a second longer!