ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • Plate Mounts are perfect vibration isolation equipment to protect against lower frequency disturbances
  • Plate Mounts protect everything from small pumps to office equipment
  • Plate Mounts extend the useful service life of your industrial application or sensitive equipment with their simple, yet durable and effective design

The name H.A. King is king in the vibration control industry.  Our custom metal to rubber bonded bumpers, isolators and mounts protect machinery both big and small against damaging inputs from vibration and shock. Our nine different lines of custom metal to rubber bonded anti-vibration equipment virtually guarantee that we have a vibration control solution for every company utilizing almost any type of industrial application of sensitive equipment within our catalog. Plate Mounts are H.A. King’s answer for smaller-sized equipment that endures lower frequency disturbances.

Don’t think office machines, compressors, computers, small pumps, and other instrumentation don’t need to be protected just because they endure lower frequency disturbances than their larger cousins. Your smaller equipment can still be protected with an H.A. King rubber bumper to extend its useful service life, keep it working efficiently, and improve the product or service your organization provides.

Each of our lines of custom metal to rubber bonded vibration control equipment, including Plate Mounts, are certified by the International Standard of Organization to be cost-effective and durable. Plate Mounts really work. That’s all there is to it. They won’t break the bank (unlike work days lost to malfunctioning equipment, or doing the job over again because machinery was vibrating too hard to cut or draw in straight lines) and they’ll last a long time, with no maintenance required.

H.A. King’s 3000 Series of Plate Mounts is a line of anti-vibrational Sandwich Mounts that provides multi-directional isolation against disturbances in machinery working with light to medium loads. Plate Mounts are lightweight, compact, and easy to install. Their simple design makes them effective, durable, and functional. Plate Mounts are tested to ensure product quality and effectiveness by simulating conditions similar to those your machinery may experience.

Our 3000 Series of Plate Mounts can be a solution to even more types of machinery serving different industries due to the range of customization options and sizes available., making them an even more custom vibration control solution for your equipment. Plate Mounts come in several sizes:

  • Have axial spring rate range of 33-690
  • Have a durometer range of 30-70
  • Max static load of up to 90 pounds
  • Can be shipped anywhere in the United States

Plate Mounts will damp noise, creating a more pleasant work environment with more productive and happy employees.

Call (248) 599-2105 or fill out the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page to be connected with an H.A. King Vibration Control Expert. Detail your machinery, your workplace, and the conditions under which your equipment operates. H.A. King Vibration Control Solution Experts are well versed in each of our lines of anti-vibration equipment, and will be able to recommend the Plate Mount or other rubber isolator that can halt vibration and shock damage to your unique industrial application. They’ll even be able to recommend customization options for a more perfect fit. Don’t wait to appreciate all the ways Plate Mounts can improve your company operations- call now to get started!