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  • Rectangular Mounts: your first line of defense in the fight against vibration and shock damage
  • Quit paying expensive specialized repair bills by protecting machinery with a Rectangular Mount
  • H.A. King leads the industry in innovative, custom vibration control solutions for industrial equipment.

Your first line of defense in any situation is taking preventative measures.

As far as your company’s industrial application goes, this means installing a custom rubber bumper, vibration control mount, or sandwich mount on your machinery to protect it against all the damaging inputs it endures day in and day out: electric shock, structure borne vibration, transmitted vibration, and the like. “Sounds like a great idea!” you exclaim to yourself. “Where can I procure a piece of vibration control equipment?”

H.A. King has been leading the industry for over 50 years in custom engineering innovative and high quality vibration control solutions for industrial applications, sensitive equipment, and large or unique machinery. We’ve created vibration control solutions for the defense industry, the construction industry, the manufacturing, medical, and commercial industries. Our custom engineered metal to rubber bonded bumpers have stopped shock and soothed the effects of vibrational inputs on machinery ranging from cement mixers and tanks to office equipment and small tillers and tampers. We’ve installed our custom metal to rubber-bonded bumpers on virtually every type of machinery with successful results.

Are you familiar with our 1000 Series of Vibration Isolation Equipment? We thought you might not be. That’s okay. Instead of going over the entire catalog with you, we’ll talk about one of our standout pieces of equipment- our Rectangular Mounts.

Rectangular Mounts, which can be loaded in both compression and shear, are an effective tool in the fight against both high and low frequency disturbances. They’re easy to install and have a long service life, so you can “set it and forget it” – Rectangular Mounts, as well as all our vibration control solutions, require virtually no maintenance. That’s because they’re created from only the highest quality metal and rubber materials that were fabricated using the most advanced processes on the market today. Once we locate the best materials, we get to work custom engineering them into the effective, low-cost, and durable rubber bumpers and vibration control equipment that we’re famous for.

Rectangular Mounts are a popular vibration control solution. These little dynamos may look simple, but that’s their biggest strength! Rectangular Mounts consist of a resilient elastomeric element bonded between two metal isolation plates. This system is a compact, yet rugged design that is highly customizable. This enables Rectangular Mounts to act as a vibration control solution for industrial applications that perform many different functions. Rectangular Mounts have been:

  • Compressor Vibration Control Solutions
  • Computer Vibration Control Solutions
  • Control Panel Vibration Control Solutions
  • Engine Generator Vibration Control Solutions
  • Tractor & Mower Vibration Control Solutions
  • Air Conditioning Equipment Vibration Control Solutions
  • Cutting Equipment Vibration Control Solutions
  • And more!

The range of load carrying capacities, coupled with all the customization options available for Rectangular Mounts, make these custom metal to rubber-bonded bumpers well suited to protect many types of machinery doing many types of work from damaging inputs.

  • Rectangular Mounts have a maximum static load carrying capacity range of 5-18 pounds
  • Rectangular Mounts can handle a max shear load capacity of up to 12.5 pounds.
  • Rectangular Mounts have several different stud lengths are available, including 7/32, 3/8, and ½ inch studs.

These special sandwich mounts may be the solution you’ve been searching for. If your company’s industrial application is performing poorly due to vibration or electric shock, you need to call 248-599-2105. Now. Don’t wait a moment longer. Just describe your industrial application, the type of work it does, and the conditions under which it performs its job or task- our vibration control solution experts will help you find the vibration control solution you’ve been searching for. Be it a Rectangular Mount, another rubber bumper from our 1000 Series Isolators, or something a little more heavy-duty, like a Shear Mount, our catalog surely contains the correct solution for your company’s industrial application.