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Rubber Bumpers Help to Prevent Damage

Vibration Control with Rubber Bumpers

H.A. King’s rubber recessed bumpers are used to protect doors or truck bodies from damage. They are also used as feet for large vibrating equipment. H.A. King has been leading the vibration control industry for over 50 years. We create custom Metal to Rubber Bumpers and vibration isolation equipment to absorb and isolate your machinery against shock.  These vibration control products help dampen noise created by machinery and can lengthen the life of your applications.

Our Metal to Rubber Bonded Bumpers are engineered using only the most premium quality product components. We solicit companies across the globe that utilize the most technologically advanced and current processes on the market today, so we can say beyond a doubt our rubber isolation mounts are custom engineered from the BEST rubber and metal components in the world. We take these metal and rubber components and engineer them into:

  • Sandwich Mounts for Vibration Control
  • Conical Mounts for Vibration Control
  • Rectangular Mounts for Vibration Control
  • Plate Mounts for Vibration Control
  • 3020 Series Isolators for Vibration Control
  • Shear Mounts for Vibration Control
  • Bonded Bushing & Snubber Mounts for Vibration Control
  • Engine Mounts for Vibration Control
  • Center-Bolted Mounts for Vibration Control

H.A. King sells rubber bumpers at an affordable price and provides a rubber break for many different applications. These products provide a great way to protect and isolate any two surfaces. If you need a special size, contact us and see how we can help! We can customize any product to fit your needs. Call today to find the rubber bumpers you need.