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Rubber Isolation Mounts

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Rubber Isolation Mounts at H.A. King

First, here are so basic applications for rubber isolation mounts:

  • Aerospace Vibration Control Solutions
  • Defense Vibration Control Solutions
  • Industrial Vibration Control Solutions
  • Commercial Vibration Control Solutions
  • Automotive Vibration Control Solutions

The applications listed show the varying ways Rubber Isolation Mounts can be utilized. Their small, yet rugged design makes them effective enhancement on heavy machinery.

H.A. King Bumpers offer a durable, but practical solution to safeguarding equipment. Below you can see how our elastomeric compounded with a metal isolation system offers that protection:

Mounts at H.A. King are designed as a series of elastomeric isolators to protect equipment from the workload they deal with. Heavy machinery and industrial equipment often faces damaging vibration and shock inputs.

As a result, machinery gets worn down and more sensitive. The slow erosion of heavy machinery places an additional burden because it opens the doors to hazards and ineffective operation on a day-to-day basis. In order to avoid the erosion, safeguards are applied to the machinery like Rubber Isolation Mounts.

Moreover, H.A. King is the premiere vibration isolation servicer in the industry. We work with clients around the world on vibration and shock control services. In addition, our custom bonded isolators are focused around customer satisfaction in any industry. Our designers have an acute technical knowledge focused around constant improvement and precise configurations for every client. We strategically utilize the flexibility of outsourcing many of our individual components in order to best service our clients.

H.A. King has more options than simply in-house rubber compounding methods. We are free to solicit the most up-to-date processes used by the industries leading rubber compounds. This gives you competitive pricing and the latest state-of-the-art rubber compounding. Not only that, but these materials help to maintain the longevity of your equipment, and prove reliable in these conditions so you don’t have to worry about something going wrong if unforeseen circumstances do arrive on a job.


Our sandwich mounts’ durability and structural integrity as a product is due to the premium-quality materials used to manufacture them. We offer both natural and neoprene rubber, as well as a few select specialty compounds in our vibration isolators. These durable materials result in products with a long service life because of our high-quality production process. Our elastomeric compound bonded with the high-strength metal creates a uniquely strong product for its size and industry.

Moreover, by manufacturing in the USA, we are able to support American industry as well as provide very short lead times on orders. Not to mention, we are able to customize sandwich mounts to meet your specific requirements. In our production facility, we are able to offer both large volume production capacity as well as accommodate for smaller volume orders. Our facility is also ISO 9001:2015 certified, which means you can count on rigorous quality control and a manufacturing process that provides a top quality products at low production cost.

Production Benefits

High-quality materials provide more than safety and satisfaction: they provide an advantage. Utilizing better equipment and materials provides more versatility on a job site. It’s important to have equipment that can brace different conditions without sacrificing safety or protection they offer in a better work environment:

  • Available in many shapes and sizes to fit on different types of machinery and equipment.
  • Can operate in a temperature range of  -40°F to 160°F
  • Have a range of load carrying capacities
  • Have a range of thread lengths
  • Available in both natural or neoprene rubber

Not only that, but these materials help to maintain the longevity of your equipment, and prove reliable in these conditions so you don’t have to worry about something going wrong if unforeseen circumstances do arrive on a job.

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Lastly, these added benefits offer new opportunities for any industry. Additionally, by focusing on equipment care and maintenance, companies provide safer, more durable work conditions. Moreover, H.A. King has 50 years of experience in several different industries. Moreover, our quality products are paired with quality workmanship and professionals with acute technical expertise.

Additionally, we focus on different customization methods for our customers as well. H.A. King manufactures nine different lines of vibration isolation mounts. Each of which has special features and customization options that make them better able to protect your machinery and isolate against vibration in the conditions under which your sensitive equipment operates.  Not to mention, our vibration isolation mounts are certified to be easy to install, cost effective, and virtually maintenance free.

Finally, if you have any questions or need assistance in choosing the correct vibration isolator, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are available to help at 248-599-2105.