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Rubber Isolation Mounts at H.A. King

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Rubber Isolation Mount Materials 

Unlike some competitors, we offer both natural and neoprene rubber, as well as a few select specialty compounds. Due to these durable materials, and our commitment to quality production, we produce products that will last.

Products manufactured with quality materials offer a clear advantage. Compared to others, our vibration isolators offer safeguard in any conditions, without any reduction in the protection they offer. And on a job this is a necessary quality as conditions can change. So, you want durable products that can adapt. 

Moreover, these materials help to maintain the longevity of your equipment, and prove reliable in these conditions so you don’t have to worry if unforeseen circumstances do arrive on a job.

Importance of Rubber Isolation Mounts

Next, our vibration isolation equipment protects against both structure-borne and attenuated vibration. That means H.A. King vibration isolation bumpers will keep your sensitive equipment, heavy equipment or precision instruments out of harm’s way.

Accordingly, this doesn’t just help in the short-term to protect equipment, but it creates a safer work environment for the machines and employees. Unfortunately, rubber isolation mounts are sometimes overlooked or undervalued pieces of equipment. Yet, they couldn’t be more important to an operation, whether it’s commercial or industrial. 

Heavy machinery endures a lot over time, managing high-capacity loads and absorbing the vibrations of powerful equipment. In that duration, equipment can become worn, loose, inoperable and less efficient. Then, this might lead to costly repairs and replacements. Consequently, that can either affect your business scheduling, or cause a financial burden you weren’t ready for.

That’s why H.A. King wants to get your machinery and equipment outfitted with all the proper rubber isolation mounts and vibration isolation equipment. These lead to a longer lifetime for your equipment with the protection it offers giving you efficient, effective and durable equipment you need.


Further, this mount’s versatility wouldn’t be possible without its wide array of features. For example, the use of a rubber isolation mount can provide the following:

  • Custom metal to rubber bonding
  • Rubber compression
  • Customized product engineering
  • National shipping accommodations
  • Noise and motion management
  • Excellent load carrying capacity
  • Numerous configurations for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Operational temperature range of -40°F to 160°F
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and load ranges

These features coupled with the simple unit design allowing for the absorption of a high level of Gs make the shear mount a cost-effective and wide-ranging solution for all your problems.