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Rubber Vibration Isolators’ Compound

Our bumpers are a good example of how our elastomeric-metal compound functions to protect equipment:

The H.A. King Series of Rubber Vibration Isolators are developed for a primary purpose: safeguarding heavy machinery against damaging vibration and shock inputs. Absorption, pressure diffusion and high-strength elastomeric-metal bonds ensure a reliable safeguard. As vibration and attenuated noise can create busy, and sometimes hazardous work environments, we want to focus on preventative measures with the equipment you use. Moreover, by fitting your equipment and heavy machinery with the proper safeguards you have a lot less to worry about.

However, before you worry about preventative equipment, it’s important to make sure the safeguards you invest in are of the highest caliber. You don’t have to worry about this at H.A. King. As a designer and manufacturer, our blend of technical expertise, quality craftsmanship and premium materials guarantee our products reliability under pressure, and versatility across industries.

Moreover, our premium materials and expert manufacturing don’t inflate our prices. Due to our manufacturing in the U.S. we are able to acquire the best industry prices. H.A. King has more options than simply in-house rubber compounding methods. We are free to solicit the most up-to-date processes used by the industries leading rubber compounds. This gives you competitive pricing and the latest state-of-the-art rubber compounding. Not only that, but these materials help to maintain the longevity of your equipment, and prove reliable in these conditions so you don’t have to worry about something going wrong if unforeseen circumstances do arrive on a job. As a result, we construct compact, affordable Rubber Vibration Isolators for any industry.

Protecting Your Equipment

Vibration isolation products offer a quick and easy solution to damage caused by vibration and shock inputs. In addition, investing in safeguards for your equipment is pays off in the long-run for several reasons. First, an investment in preventative measures creates a safer work environment. Not to mention, the rubber isolators often help safeguard and protect heavy machinery when it’s operational. These machines should always be functioning at the safest and most efficient capacity. A malfunction of breakdown on one of these machines can be a potential hazard on a worksite, and Rubber Vibration Isolators work to avoid that.

But let’s not forget the benefits that even go hand-in-hand with safety measures. The longevity of your equipment will see a major increase. This is because the workload maintained by large machinery can often be burdensome on the machine over time. Wear and tear is an inevitable consequence of any industry operating heavy machinery. However, this doesn’t mean there are’t ways to prolong it from happening. Rubber isolators lessen the workload, increase efficiency and prevent costly repairs or replacements. The increased durability cannot be understated as it is valuable in any industry. You want your equipment to last as long as possible while remaining entirely safe. Rubber Isolators are a good long-term investment that also guarantees safety.

These mounts safeguard the equipment so you don’t have to worry about erosion of your tools and equipment over time.

Additionally, this durability can brace several different conditions. Moreover, the versatility makes the mount reliable on the job.

Get Yours

We offer both natural and neoprene rubber, as well as a few select specialty compounds in our vibration isolators. These durable materials result in products with a long service life because of our high-quality production process.

H.A. King specializes provides clients around the world with superior vibration and shock control services. Also, our rubber to metal bonded products are custom-made to meet your unique vibration, noise, and shock situation. Our products are engineered to meet rigid specifications required by a particular application. We strategically utilize the flexibility of outsourcing many of our individual components in order to best service our clients.

With the ability to customize orders, even if we don’t have what you’re looking for initially we can still make it work.

In our production facility, we can offer both large volume production capacity as well as accommodate for smaller volume orders. Not to mention, our facility is also ISO 9001:2015 certified, which means you can guarantee you’re not only getting the best products and the top quality, but the prices you’re looking for too.

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