ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Save Your Industrial Application With Shear Mounts

  • Accommodate many different sizes, shapes & load carrying capacities
  • Protect your industrial application from everyday wear & tear
  • Cost-effective protection for many types of equipment

H.A. King has led the industry for over 50 years in the design and manufacture of custom metal to rubber bonded products to solve vibration control, shock control, and noise control problems that often plague an industrial workplace. You’ll want to protect your industrial application from any damage that may be incurred by vibration and shock to your machinery as it runs. You’ll also want to protect the eardrums of your employees.

You may think that these problems are part of what you signed up for when choosing to work in your industry- but that’s far from true. H.A. King can help you solve these problems! Our shear mounts can bring peace & quiet back into your workplace and protect your industrial application from damage at the same time.

H.A. King’s 7000 Series Shear Mounts are normally composed of two metal parts with elastomeric compound in between. This system enables the Shear Mounts to be able to absorb a high level of G’s. The Shear Mounts help provide a cost effective protection for numerous types of equipment, including:

  • Engines Containers
  • Highway Rollers
  • Vibratory Feeders
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Gas and Generator Sets
  • Missiles and Missile Components Containers
  • Computer and Generator Sets
  • Vibratory Compactors
  • Transmission and Transfer Cases Containers

Shear Mounts for Every Industrial Applications

Our shear mounts feature a wide range of sizes and load ranges to accommodate virtually any type of industrial application, no matter how unique or specialized.

  • Excellent load carrying capacity
  • Numerous configurations for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Operational temperature range of -40°F to 160°F
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and load ranges

Give H.A. King a call at (248) 599-2105 to be connected with one of our knowledgeable representatives who can help you navigate our enormous catalog. We can guide you to the correct size, shape, and load carrying capacity shear mount or other rubber bumper to best fit your industrial application.

Protect your investment. Keep it running longer and more effectively- call H.A. King today!