ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • H.A. King’s 7000 Line of Shear Mounts are ideal vibration and shock control solutions for heavy duty equipment.
  • Shear Mounts: effective on industrial applications including engines containers, HVAC equipment, defense equipment & more!
  • Shear Mounts are ISO certified to be low-cost, long-lasting, and easy to install solutions.

You’ve looked into vibration control solutions before, but become quickly discouraged because your machinery endured high levels of G’s and operates in adverse, extreme conditions. “No vibration control solution company manufactures a solution that will work with my large equipment that operates in extreme conditions,” you think to yourself as you stare at your computer screen glumly. “I’ll never be able to protect my industrial application from shock and vibration damage.”

Shear Mounts are here to save the day!

Shear Mounts are exactly the solution you’ve been searching for. Shear Mounts will protect your engines container, HVAC equipment, defense equipment, and more from shock and both structure borne and transmitted vibration, all while damping noise. If you through your heavy duty equipment or equipment that operates in extreme conditions wasn’t a candidate for a custom metal to rubber bonded bumper to protect it against the damaging effects of vibration and shock- think again! H.A. King is here with our 7000 Line of Shear Mounts to save the day!

H.A. King has been providing vibration control solutions to many companies that do many types of work and utilize many different types of machinery, from computers, to generators, to tractors, tillers and tampers, for over 50 years. That’s a long time, and a lot of unique equipment. H.A. King virtually guarantees that we manufacture a solution to fit even the most obscure or highly specialized equipment.

That’s why we manufacture so many different product lines- so that we can solve vibration control problems, shock control problems, and noise control problems for any company utilizing any industrial application. We have lines of metal to rubber bonded vibration control bumpers for equipment that endure low frequency disturbances, high levels of G’s, and even equipment that operates in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our Shear Mounts will protect your machinery against all kinds of damaging inputs, no matter if your machinery operates in the freesing cold or extreme, sweltering heat. Shear Mounts get the job done in an incredible temperature range of -40 degrees F to 200 degrees F. Shear Mounts are durable and long lasting. When you install a Shear Mount on your industrial application, engines container, HVAC equipment, or other heavy duty equipment, you are elongating the useful service life of your machinery. You are ensuring that your industrial application will work well for your company for a long time. Your industrial application, heavy machinery or sensitive equipment won’t meet an early death due to repeated damage from shock and vibration. No more expensive repair bills. No more having to repeat a job over and over again because your machinery isn’t able to do its job effectively due to vibration and shock.

Shear Mounts’ secret lies in their incredibly simple, state of the art design. A single elastomeric compound contained within two metal parts will protect against shock and vibration, even under the stress caused by high levels of G’s or high frequency disturbances.

Shear Mounts are available in several sizes and have customization options available to make them an even better fit for your industrial application or instrumentation.

Shear Mounts have:

  • Interchangeable studs and nuts
  • Spring rates ranging from 100-375 lbs/in to 1500-3000 lbs/in
  • Your choice of standard or metric threads
  • Various stud lengths available

Shear Mounts are an ideal vibration control solution for equipment that generates higher frequency disturbances or operates under extreme temperatures and high levels of G’s. Shear Mounts have been an effective vibration control solution to equipment such as:

  • Missiles and Missile Component Containers
  • Cement Mixers
  • Tanks
  • Defense Vehicles
  • Highway Rollers
  • Cranes
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Cement Mixers
  • Generators
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Defense equipment
  • And more!

Shear Mounts, engineered from premium quality metal and rubber, just work. Period.

But you won’t have to work! Not even to find the correct size Shear Mount to fit your machinery. Sit back, relax, and dial 248-599-2105. One of our Vibration Control Solution Experts can’t wait to help you navigate our catalog and find the solution that will work best for your machinery. Be it a Shear Mount for your large equipment that works under extreme conditions, or one of our less heavy-duty mounts for other types of industrial applications, H.A. King almost certainly manufactures a solution for your machinery. Don’t wait- call today! You’ll be amazed at how efficient your workplace becomes after the installation of your Shear Mount.