ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • Ideal for engine mounts, HVAC equipment, gas and generator sets, medical equipment, machine tooling technology, and more!
  • Save money by ensuring your industrial application does its job correctly
  • Protect your machinery and your eardrums at the same time with H.A. King’s Shear Mounts

Shear mounts are custom metal to rubber bonded bumpers manufactured in the USA by H.A. King, leading the industry for over 50 years in custom vibration control solutions. Our 7000 series of isolators includes our Shear Mounts. H.A. King’s Shear Mounts are custom rubber bumpers that:

  • can accept variable stud lengths
  • have interchangeable studs and nuts
  • use standard or metric threads
  • have varying spring lengths to meet your needs

These quality vibration control solutions utilize the most current vibration control technology to stabilize your machinery. Shear Mounts by H.A. King will allow your machinery to work to the best of its ability. Make sure that vibration control problems don’t affect your product quality- and consequently, the bottom line of your company. No matter which industry you serve, H.A. King’s Shear Mounts or other custom metal to rubber bonded bumper may be a solution for you. We have served:

  • Aerospace Industries
  • Defense Industries
  • Agricultural Industries
  • Engineering Industries
  • Commercial Industries
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • And many more!

H.A. King is proud to have received their ISO 9001: 2008 certification, which serves as reassurance to our clients that our products are of the highest quality, equaled only by our customer service. We continue to strive for excellence every day and utilize the most current technology, which allows us to be an innovator within our field. H.A. King is always striving for excellence.

Give us a call today 248-599-2105 for assistance navigating our giant catalog. An expert in vibration control technology will be your guide, steering you to the correct solution to your problem, no matter how specialized or obscure you may feel your machinery is. We have provided solutions across many industries, and make our bumpers extremely customizable to ensure they can be a good fit for many different kinds of machinery, across many different kinds of industries.