ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • Custom metal to rubber bonding
  • Variety of sizes, shapes and load carrying capacities
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified for product quality

 You’re hearing a constant ringing in your ears. Are you being abducted by aliens? Hearing things, making up noises where there are none? Should you be questioning your sanity? Though any of those explanations could spawn an interesting narrative, the actuality of the situation is far more mundane: that ringing you’re hearing is likely due to the constant roar of the industrial application you work near to. Hearing that noise day in and day out can really take a toll on both your eardrums and your sanity.

H.A. King is here to provide the solution. We can silence the noise, dampen the vibration, and ease the damage caused by shock problems with your machinery. We’ve been creating custom metal to rubber bonded products, including shear mounts, for over 50 years. We make a vast array of products to serve an equally wide range of different industries. Our catalog includes:

  • Aerospace Vibration Control Solutions
  • Defense Vibration Control Solutions
  • Industrial Vibration Control Solutions
  • Commercial Vibration Control Solutions
  • Automotive Vibration Control Solutions
  • And many others!

Our catalog is so big and diverse, it’s virtually a certainty that H.A. King manufactures a shear mount or other vibration control, noise control or shock control product to meet the needs of your industrial application. Our vibration control, shock control and noise control products come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and load carrying capacities. This enables us to solve the problems of many different types of workplaces with our state of the art metal to rubber bonded shear mounts.

Our 7000 series of isolators may meet your needs.  Shear mounts of the 7000 series come in a variety of sizes and load carrying capacities to meet the need of virtually any type of industrial application, no matter how obscure or specialized.

Our 7000 series of shear mounts feature:

  • Custom metal to rubber bonding
  • Rubber compression
  • Customized product engineering
  • Noise and motion management
  • Excellent load carrying capacity
  • Numerous configurations for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Operational temperature range of -40°F to 160°F

Don’t hesitate to contact H.A. King- a representative can help you find the product from our catalog that will be the solution to your problem. We can turn down the volume on your noisy machinery, reverting back to the pleasant hum of a productive workplace. Use the form at your right to inform us of your problem, or give H.A. King a call at (248) 599-2105. We can solve your problem!