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Shear Rubber Mounts Matter

Our Goal

Here at H.A. we are always working to find the newest technology, and most effective way to develop products we know will last. More importantly, with our wide range of products from vibration isolators to shear mounts, we strive to not only design and manufacture what our clients need, but we work to do it at an affordable price. And when it comes to money, the best way to help our customers is continuing to develop and construct the most cost-effective, durable products we can.

Shear Rubber Mounts

H.A. King’s 7000 Series Shear Mounts are normally composed of two metal parts with elastomeric compound in between. This system enables the Shear Mounts to be able to absorb a high level of G’s. The Shear Mounts help provide a cost effective protection for numerous types of equipment.

H.A. King’s high-quality isolators, dampers and mounts are fabricated using state-of-the-art rubber to metal bonding processes. Our design and consulting services utilize the same technologies to deliver custom high-quality solutions engineered specifically for your application!

Shear Rubber Mount Applications

H.A. King’s vibration isolators and mounts help reduce vibration in:

  • Industrial pumps
  • Industrial motors (non-automotive)
  • Generators
  • Fans
  • Electronics
  • Construction equipment
  • Agriculture
  • HVAC equipment

Professional Assistance

At H.A. King we want to get you the exact Shear Mount for you, every time. And so, we have a highly passionate, qualified team of engineers always ready to assist you in your specific needs. Whether it’s manufacturing and designing, or in-store assistance, H.A. King we’re dedicated to identifying your problem, and the offering the most cost-effective solution for YOU. Get the Shear Mounts you need from H.A. King today!