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  • The most premium vibration control solutions on the planet
  • H.A. King manufactures custom metal to rubber bonded isolators utilizing every advance in technology
  • H.A. King has been engineering custom vibration control solutions for engines, HVAC equipment, tractors, motorcycles, cutting equipment, construction equipment, and more for over 50 years

Let’s say a business or workplace is like a sports team. Do you realize who your MVP is?

It’s not the president. Not the manager. Not any of the workers.

Although each of them performs a role that’s essential to the proper functioning of your workplace, the work you do would be rendered impossible without your company’s most valuable player- your industrial application.

Many companies utilize one or several industrial applications to perform functions of their job- to produce a product, to perform a service, or to complete a function.  Yes, your industrial application, sensitive equipment, or machinery is essential to your company or organization’s success. So why aren’t you protecting it?  Why let your MVP endure damage, day in and day out, from electrical shock and structure borne or transmitted vibration?

You pay the repair bills each and every time, because you know you can’t accomplish your work without your industrial machinery- but a custom engineered vibration control solution from H.A. King can prevent this. We can fine-tune your workplace, eliminating unnecessary costs and lost work time due to machinery malfunctions, all with one simple custom metal to rubber-bonded bumper.

Our metal to rubber bonded bumpers are on the cutting edge of technology. Utilizing every advance in the rubber compounding and metal fabrication industries when we select materials to engineer our vibration control solutions from, H.A. King manufactures custom metal to rubber-bonded bumpers in many shapes and sizes. Our rubber bumpers are customizable to fit your industrial application, sensitive equipment, or machinery, your workplace, and the job that your machinery must do.

Really! Take a look at some typical applications of H.A. King’s metal to rubber bonded vibration control solutions:

  • Medical Equipment
  • Blowers and Fans
  • Motors
  • Air Conditioning Equipment
  • Computers
  • Electronic Units
  • Timing Devices
  • Control Panels
  • Engines
  • Generator Sets
  • Small Tillers & Tampers
  • Garden Tractors & Mowers
  • Plant Machinery
  • Vibratory Feeders

Download a 100% free PDF of our catalog now to peruse all our custom metal to rubber-bonded bumpers and vibration control solutions. Our catalog contains a handy elastomer selection guide, application sheets for custom designs, and a conversion table to make it easy for you to select your own vibration control, shock control or noise control solutions.  Select from Conical Mounts, our 1000 Series of Isolators, Rectangular Mounts, Engine Mounts, and more!

Or, to make it even easier, pick up your phone and dial 248-599-2105. An H.A. King vibration control expert is available to make recommendations and help you to navigate our catalog and all the customization options available to you. Once installed, our custom metal to rubber-bonded bumpers require virtually no maintenance- they’re durable and long lasting. You can install it and forget it.