ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Do you have industrial appliances, machines, technology, or engines that work fine but are too loud? Maybe your farming machinery is scaring all the animals away! No matter what type or size your equipment is, the vibration control experts at H. A. King can design and install a custom rubber mount for you!

H. A. King is the industry leader in rubber-to-metal bonded products, with an expansive network of satisfied customers all across the United States. When it comes to your unique equipment, ask for the experts by name: H. A. King! Our ISO-certified sound reduction rubber mounts are tailored to work with the unique size, shape, material, and configuration of your sensitive or expensive equipment.

Our trailblazing noise control technicians design, manufacture, and install rubber vibration mounts for a huge variety of applications! Custom-designed rubber mounts from H.A. King are customized to control sound vibration from moving or rotating parts in your engine, machine, equipment, or technology. We cater to every need, from commercial machinery to defense equipment and beyond! Rubber mounts from H. A. King are always made in the U.S.A., and offer the perfect balance of industrial standards with personal customization. We pride ourselves on always striving to provide our valued customers with state-of-the-art vibration reduction solutions for any application. We guarantee that your equipment will run quieter and more efficiently. Plus, reducing vibration shock will extend the life of your machinery and create a safer operating environment!


  • Commercial equipment
  • Industrial technology
  • Machines
  • Engines
  • Motors
  • Military/Defense
  • Farming vehicles
  • Construction
  • And more!


At H. A. King, we think that’s pretty cool. Our vibration isolators are all custom-made to fit your exact application. Looking for a vibration isolator for your commercial, defense, industrial or other special machinery? Look no further than the sound control experts at H.A. King! We have been outfitting America’s equipment with high-quality rubber mounts for over 50 years! Let us make your life easier – call H.A. King today at 248-599-2015 or visit us online at