ISO 9001:2015 Certified

While vibration dampening and isolation products are relatively simple in concept, there is a lot of engineering and decision making that goes into choosing all elements and factors of the design.

At H.A. King, we have been designing and manufacturing vibration isolation products for over half a century. Our line of products includes both shock mounts and vibration isolators. Our parts and components can be found in a wide range of applications. H.A. King’s mounts can be found in household appliances and electronics, construction equipment, power generation facilities, agricultural equipment and even systems used by the defense industry.

With each of our vibration isolation products, our engineering team considers a range of factors. Careful consideration is given in choosing both the design and the materials from which these mounts are manufactured. This ensures that our products are best suited for each application. Our goal is to not only provide the vibration damping required, but to offer longevity by accounting for external factors such as extreme temperatures, contact with fluids or excessive loads.

Vibration Reduction Throughout the System

Our products are designed to work on the principle of passive isolation. By using the correct vibration isolation products not only can vibration and shock from one side of the product be eliminated, but it will also prevent any type of vibration from the other direction. As vibration can originate at many places in any system, this is a critical consideration.

The size and weight of the item or component to be isolated is another essential consideration. The working environment, including the temperate range of the equipment or system as well as the presence of potential corrosive elements, needs to be considered as well.

Stress tests, material testing and a design that allows the product to stand up to compression without deforming is yet another important engineering decision with every product we manufacture.

To learn more about the vibration isolation options available at H.A. King, browse our online catalog. For assistance in making a selection, call us at 248-599-2105 to discuss your needs.